Clinical research

During your stay at the Institut Curie, a physician may invite you to participate in biomedical research involving…
  • a drug,
  • a laboratory test,
  • a medical device, medical equipment
  • or a therapeutic or diagnostic strategy,

with a view to improving medical knowledge for the benefit of all patients.France's legislation on the protection of persons participating in biomedical research defines the conditions under which you may participate if you so wish. Before the research starts, the investigator must provide you with full information on the study objectives and procedures and will ask you to sign an informed consent form. You are free to refuse to participate in the research; refusal will not have any impact on the nature or quality of your subsequent treatment. If you do agree to participate in the research, you can withdraw your consent at any time; again, this withdrawal will not have any effect on the quality of your subsequent treatment.

The research may be performed by the Institut Curie alone or in partnership with other French or international centers. The Institut Curie may be the sponsor of the research study or one of the investigating centers. The research protocols are designed by groups of experts and then validated by independent bodies, including the Institut Curie's Investigational Review Board (Commission des études et de la recherche clinique).

Your medical care will be of the same high quality, regardless of whether or not you agree to participate in any research studies. Any additional constraints related to participation in these research protocols will be clearly indicated in advance, to aid your decision.

Participation in research may enable you to receive innovative treatments which, it is hoped, could better control your disease and/or cause less marked side effects. These studies are conducted under optimal safety conditions. Participation in research is also an altruistic action: today's "standard" treatments have been developed thanks (in part) to all the patients who participated in previous research studies demonstrating these beneficial effects. If you wish, we can keep you informed of the results of the trial in which you have participated.

Special regulations apply if the research participant is a child or a protected adult. 

Your participation in research

For research purposes and under strict confidentiality conditions (approved by the French National Commission for Data Protection), the Institut Curie may send patient data to local cancer registries. In compliance with the applicable French legislation, you may ask for your personal health data not to be sent to these registries.
You also have the right to access and rectify any information which is initially sent with your approval.

For any of the above reasons, you are free to contact the

Médecin responsable du Service de biostatistique, Institut Curie, 26 rue d’Ulm, F-75248 PARIS CEDEX 05, France.

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