Your Rights

In addition to your first essential right, which is the right to receive high-quality care under the strictest safety conditions, the Institut Curie is committed to the respect of its patients' rights.

Information given to you as a patient

• Everyone has the right to be informed about their state of health. This information must be clear and easily understandable and must include mention of the available treatments, associated risks and possible side effects.
• The care team in most of our medical units will provide you with information sheets about the various situations and difficulties you may be confronted with. These information sheets will help you participate more actively in your treatment but are no substitute for the in-depth discussions you will have with your attending physician and other members of the care team.

To respect your right to confidentiality, we strictly adhere to the privacy laws concerning your medical information (physician-patient confidentiality), intimate personal details and religious beliefs throughout your hospital stay.
You can also request that your presence at the Institut Curie will not be disclosed.

Information given to your family and friends
• Quite understandably, your family and friends will be concerned about your state of health. All your personal information is confidential. Nevertheless, if you agree, we can release certain information to your family and friends.
• You must provide us with the name of a person to contact in case of necessity.
• You can also name a "medical proxy" (a family member, close friend or your family doctor, for example). The medical proxy can be present during your medical consultations and examinations and may help you make choices and take decisions. He/she can act as your "spokesperson" and will be consulted if you are not able to understand information or express your wishes. This written designation may be withdrawn at any time.

Consenting to treatment
A medical act can only be performed if you have freely given your informed consent. The biological samples needed for diagnosis and/or treatment are used immediately to generate a test result. However, part of these samples can be stored for use in biomedical research. The physicians will then provide you with detailed information on any such research and will request your specific consent for this use.

Author / Source : Centre de Protonthérapie