The Institut Curie

The Institut Curie (founded in 1909) is based on a model initiated by Marie Curie: "from fundamental research to innovative care". It is a French government accredited charitable foundation comprising 3,000 researchers, physicians and nursing staff dedicated to the fight against cancer.

A state-of-the-art Hospital Group for cancer care

The Institut Curie's Hospital Group is a leading center for the treatment of breast cancer, eye tumours and paediatric cancers. At the same time, the Institut Curie is continuing to diversify its activities in the treatment of patients suffering from gynaecological, prostate, digestive, head & neck, lung and haematological cancers, sarcoma, lymphoma, central nervous system tumours and skin cancer.
By always adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the Institut Curie uses the best available skills and high-performance techniques to continuously provide comprehensive, individualized patient care at all stages of the disease and with the ever-present goal of improving quality of life.
As the birthplace of radiotherapy and a pioneer in conservative treatment and pain management, the Institut Curie continues to innovate in complex techniques and treatment procedures (high-precision radiotherapy, proton therapy, brachytherapy, imaging, oncoplasty, oncogenetics, etc.) as well as developing its clinical research activities.

A leading cancer Research Center in Europe

The Research Center comprises teams, organized within 15 units associated to the CNRS, the inserm and universities. It brings together biologists, chemists, physicists, bioinformaticians, and physicians, whose multidisciplinary efforts aim at understanding the complex mechanisms of the cell, whether normal or cancerous, in order to make advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancers.
The research teams use the Institut Curie's state-of-the-art cell imaging, bioinformatics, genomics, and proteomics platforms.
Translational research provides an efficient gateway between research, industry and medicine, to accelerate the transfer of scientific innovations to the clinical setting. It validates concepts to develop new diagnosis techniques, as well as more efficient and better-tolerated therapies.

In addition, all Institut Curie teams share and disseminate medical and scientific knowledge and innovations, in France and abroad, through top-level teachings, trainings, and exchange programs.

Author / Source : Institut Curie