Patients informations

In every hospital department of the Institut Curie, care is provided by teams of specialists that ensure high performance and quality treatment.

The highly skilled personnel of the Institut Curie's Proton Therapy Center, which is a reference center in the treatment of certain eye tumors and cranial base tumors, also treat patients with chordomas, chondrosarcomas, rare bone tumors, meningiomas and related tumors, and nasopharyngeal tumors.

In each case, the patient is first told of the planned therapy and is given an information booklet and fact sheets.


Help and information

Meeting and information areas (Eri – "Espaces de rencontres et d’information"), a patients’ house and a users’ house are available in the specialized institutions, in particular at the Institut Curie (Paris and Saint-Cloud) and the Institut Gustave-Roussy (Villejuif).

Contact information is available at the Proton Therapy Center information desk of the Radiation Oncology Department. A phone information line is available to all: Cancer info service  0 810 810 821 (Azur number, price of a local call)

Author / Source : Institut Curie