The Team

The team of the Proton Therapy Center works in relation with your referring physician and other specialists that follow you, in a multidisciplinary collaborative framework.

You are unique, and your disease is also unique. That is the reason why our specialists will do everything possible to tailor your treatment to your needs.

Radiation oncologist

oncologistoncologistWorking in close collaboration with radiation physicists, assistants and technicians, the physicians of the Proton Therapy Center are radiation oncologists, in other words oncologists who use radiation to treat malignant tumors and, in some cases, benign tumors. They establish the indication for treatment, determine the dose that is to be administered and the target that is to be treated, as well as the surrounding organs that should be protected. They will see you in consultation before treatment, in order to have better knowledge of your medical background and give you information about the treatment procedures and effects. During treatment, a weekly consultation will enable to monitor the efficiency and your tolerance of radiation therapy, and it will also provide you with an opportunity to have your questions answered.

After treatment, radiation oncologists will be regularly involved in your follow-up, either by receiving you in consultation, or by getting information about clinical and radiological findings from your other physicians. They inform your referring physician and specialist physicians about the procedures for your treatment. Physicians of the Proton Therapy Center are on duty on a daily basis.  Do not hesitate to contact them for urgent issues.

Radiation physicists

radiophysiciensradiophysiciensAs specialists of radiation physics applied to medical treatment, they determine the best irradiation ballistics in collaboration with your referring radiation therapist and dosimetry technicians.  They ensure the quality of the radiation beam and its reproducibility, and they control the beam shaping systems.  They are involved in the daily internal activities that aim at improving the accuracy, comfort and quality of your treatment.

Health executive

Cadre de santéCadre de santéThe health executive organizes patient support in collaboration with the medical team and the physics team. He or she manages the team of medical technicians and assistants under his or her supervision,  and is also the contact person of patients and relatives for treatment organization issues.


manipulateursmanipulateursAs soon as you arrive at the Proton Therapy Center, technicians assist you and provide you with information about the different stages of your treatment. They manufacture the restraint system that will help you to stay immobile. They ensure your daily positioning with great accuracy, they control beam quality and participate in the establishment of dosimetry. They have comprehensive knowledge of your record and follow you throughout the treatment.

Anesthetics team: anesthetists and specialized nurses

General ananesthesistesanesthesistesesthetic may be necessary for younger children who cannot remain immobile. A pre-operating check-up (blood collection, electrocardiogram, radiography, etc.) is performed before the first proton therapy session. A consultation with an anesthetist enables to prepare the operation and guarantee security.

Medical assistant

Assistante médicaleAssistante médicaleShe manages your whole record. She monitors administrative procedures and helps you with accommodation bookings. The medical assistant is available to help you throughout your treatment and communicates your information, with your prior agreement and that of the Proton Therapy Center physician, to the various physicians that follow you.

Information desk hostess

Service d'accueilService d'accueilShe welcomes you to the Proton Therapy Center upon arrival, organizes your appointments, helps you find your way in the center, communicates your weekly appointment schedule, as well as your transportation reimbursement documents.

Technical team (engineers/technicians/computer scientists)

TechniciensTechniciensThe technical service is in charge of the development and maintenance of the machine and treatment rooms. It ensures real time control of the proton beam. Mechanical engineers make the custom personal accessories used for treatment and participate in the development of beam shaping systems.

Pain management team

Pain management is a priority at the Institut Curie. Do not hesitate to talk to the staff about your pain. In Paris, a consultation, an emergency service and hospital beds are dedicated to pain management activities, which are coordinated by a pain management committee (Clud).
Consultations take place on the Paris site from Monday to Friday:

Phone: +33(0)1  44 32 46 44 / 42 78 or 41 96

Interdisciplinary oncological patient care and support department (Disspo)

In Paris, it brings together the social service, the continuous mobile support and care unit and the dietetics, physical rehabilitation and psycho-oncology units.  All contact information is available at the information desk.

Socio-estheticians offer free facial and hand care, from Monday to Friday, in an aesthetics booth at the Institut Curie Hospital (Paris 5th arrondissement).  For more information, go to the Proton Therapy Center information desk.

Author / Source : Proton Therapy Center