Intracranial Treatment

Several types of intracranial diseases can be treated at the Proton Therapy Center of the Radiation Oncology Department.

Treatment protocols are validated by national or international therapeutic trials.

Other protocols are currently under validation within a strict regulatory framework.

Subject to acceptance of your file during a decision meeting bringing together several medicotechnical experts, the following types of intra-cranial tumors can be treated:

  • chordomas
  • chondrosarcomas
  • craniopharyngiomas
  • ependymomas
  • some gliomas
  • orbital rhabdomyosarcomas 
  • adenoïdes kystical carcinomas and certains others orbital tumors
  • aggressive, malignant or benign meningiomas located in critical areas
  • certain nasopharyngeal tumors
  • medulloblastomas


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